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Business Education

Business & Co-Op
Latricia Faulkner, Instructor

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Business/Marketing Education provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for economic success in the twenty-first century. As students gain knowledge and professional experiences, they develop skills essential for success and build a strong foundation that enables them to become productive workers and citizens.

Business courses make a significant and vital contribution to the academic and career preparation of all students by providing rigorous and relevant courses of study aligned with the Common Core Standards. High school students can enroll in business courses such as: Business Technology Applications, Business/Personal Finance, Business Management, Marketing, and Accounting. During students’ senior year, a limited number of students may intern in the school store or bank located on the school campus.

Courses offered:
Business Software Applications I
Personal Finance
Cooperative Education


How does the student benefit from Business Education?
1. Exposure to developing workplace skills, such as: higher order thinking skills, analytical skills, essential computational skills, writing and reading skills, and technology skills

2. Developments of strengths, talents, education, and experiences, bringing value to the workplace and community through performance, skill, diligence, ethics

3. Exploring various career options knowledgeable of the skills and education required

4. Expanding knowledge of essential life skills in personal finance and money management skills

5. Membership of DECA, an outstanding nationally none business club for students to develop leadership skills, compete at competitions, and enlarge their network of students, educators, and people from business industry