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Health Science Education


Instructor, Teresa McGee

HOSA Officers

The Winston Career Academy Health Science Junior/Senior classes recently completed a Pumpkin Pathology assignment. They chose a disease, wrote a full case study, and created the disease on their pumpkins. The pumpkins were judged in five different categories:

Most Disgusting - Emma Ballenger
Best Imagination- Olivia Bennett
Most Creative- Presley Cornelius
Most Detailed- Ryleigh Horsley
Best Pumpkin in the Patch- Garrett Crowe

All of the students did an outstanding job!
~ Mrs. McGee, Health Science Instructor
October 2023 





The Health Science Program is a three-year progressive program that allows students to work toward obtaining a credential that allows them to enter the health care industry upon graduating high school. Students begin the program with an introductory course that introduces them to health care careers and general patient care knowledge. Students learn anatomy and physiology and medical terminology through hands-on skills training. During the students' senior year, they may work toward becoming a certified nursing assistant, a basic emergency management technician, or take health science dual enrollment courses. The program is taught in an environment that allows the students to learn concrete knowledge essential to the success of health care providers while having hands-on lab and clinical practice for application of knowledge. 

How will students benefit from Health Science?

1. Students will be taught a wide variety of health science related course material. This prepares them to be successful in post-secondary health science programs.

2. Students will be eligible to be credentialed as a certified nursing assistant or basic EMT prior to graduating high school, making them eligible to work in the health care field immediately upon graduation. 

Foundations of Health Science is a one-credit course that introduces students to a wide range of health careers.  Integrated academics combined with health care knowledge and skills provide the framework for a strong health care delivery system in the twenty-first century.  This course is the prerequisite for all the health science courses.  It is recommended for students who want to prepare for further study in an array of health-related fields at the post-secondary level.

Nurse Aide Training is a two-credit course that is designed for high school seniors to develop health care specific knowledge for a career in the medical field.  Students pursue skill mastery in the classroom and laboratory, and also participate in intensive job-specific training in the clinical area. The Nurse Aide Training program and Health Science instructor must be approved by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), Division of Health Care Services, for students to be eligible for the National Nurse Aide Assessment. Students must successfully complete an approved program and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment certification exam in order to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA).  

Body Structures and Functions is a one-credit course that is designed for students to develop health care specific knowledge for a career in the medical field.  The course uses an integrated approach for teaching the structure of the human body to the health care student by incorporating traditional learning strategies with lab activities and health science skills. 

Therapeutic Services is a one-credit course designed to inform students of the rapid changes in business and industry through a rigorous array of coursework and work-based experiences that prepare them for advanced learning and a wide range of health career opportunities. This course is designed to provide the local education agency flexibility to meet health care demands in the community. Students are introduced into careers in therapeutic services including, but not limited to, nursing, medicine, physical therapist, surgical technologist, respiratory therapist, emergency medical technician, and others. 

HOSA - Future Health Professionals is an integral part of the classroom learning experience. Through HOSA membership, students are afforded additional opportunities to develop their leadership skills and better prepare them to enter the health care industry.